Story of Chandramaa or Shiv Jee

This story is connected with Monday fast. Monday fast is practiced to propitiate Lord Shiv and Paarvatee. The Panchaakshar Mantra "Om Namah Shivaaya" should be repeated on this day. This Vrat is normally done up to 4-5 pm. There is no restriction of eating Phalaahaar (fruits only) food, but the food should be taken only once in one day and night. All people can observe this fast. Married women observe the fast for a happy and long married life. Unmarried women observe it for getting good husbands. Men observe it for a happy and peaceful life. Those who observe fast eat only a single vegetarian meal. There are four types of Monday fast. The rituals are same for all the four fasts. After doing the Shiv Poojaa the story must be read or heard. The stories of Pradosh fast and 16 Mondays are separate and are also given here
(1) Simple every Monday fast. 
(2) Pradosh fast
(3) 4-5 week Shraavan Maas Monday fast
(4) 16 weeks Monday fast
(3) Mondays in the Hindi month of Shraavan (July – August) is dedicated to Lord Shiv and Hindu in North India observe Shraavan Maas Som Vaar Vrat. In this month, Shiv Ling is bathed with holy water from River Gangaa or water mixed with a little raw milk in the absence of Gangaa water and offer Bilva or Bel flowers and leaves to the Shiv Ling. People also worship Goddess Paarvatee, Ganesh and Nandee Jee along with Shiv Jee. Fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset on all Mondays in this month. The importance of Shraavan Som Vaar is because it is believed that the Samudra Manthan (Churning of Ocean) took place in this month and Lord Shiv drank the poison, Halaahal Vish, to save the world during this period, otherwise this fast can be observed on all Mondays.
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