Lord Shiva 11 Rudras


Lord Shiva, soon took birth as eleven Rudras from the female internal reproductive organ of Kashyap woman Surabhi. The name of those eleven rudras were as follows-
1) Kapali  
2) Pingal  
3) Bheem  
4) Virupaksha  
5) Vilohit  
6) Shastra  
7) Ajapaad  
8) Ahirbudhnya  
9) Shambhu  
10) Chand and  
11) Bhav.
These eleven Rudras fought battles with the demons and killed them. The deities were eased when the death of the demons. They idolised these eleven rudras to precise their feeling and obligation.
Apart from on top of incarnations, Lord Shiva has taken another incarnations also which is given below:
1. Ardhnaarishwar Avtaar  2. Nandi Avtaar  3. Sharabh Avtaar  4. Grihpati Avtaar  5. Neel Kanth  6. Durvasha Avtaar  7. Mahesh Avtaar   8. Hanuman Avtaar   9. Brishabh Avtaar   10. Piplaad Avtaar  11. Vaishyanath Avtaar 12. Dwijeshwar Avtaar 13. Yatinath Avtaar  14. avatar Darshan Avtaar 15. Awdhuteshwar Avtaar  16. Bhichhuwarya Avtaar  17. Sureshwar Avtaar  18. Bramhchoti Avtaar  19. Sunatnartak Avtaar   20. saddhu Avtaar   21. Vibhuashwathama Avtaar   22. Kiraat Avtaar


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