मगला गौरी व्रत 2013 – (Mangla Gauri Fast 2013)

मगला गौरी व्रत – Mangla Gauri Fast

Mangala-Gauri fast is observed on every Tuesday of Shravan month. All Vrats of Shravan Masa increases the happiness and prosperity. As this fast is related to good fortune, it is observed by married women and newly married ladies. The motive behind this vrat(fast) is, wish for long and happy life of husband and child.

Women who’s Kundali have less of happiness in married life or have inauspicious Yogs like isolation after marriage etc., should observe this fast, especially. In context of this fast, it is believed that if this Vrat is done in a systematic manner then it increases the happiness and peace of the married life.

Mangala Gauri Vrat (Fast) Materials for Pooja

The following materials are required for the fast:- Garland of flowers, fruits, ladoo, betel leaf, betel nut, cardamom, cloves, cumin, coriander(all items should have a count of sixteen) Sari and 16 items of make up, 16 bangles and 5 types of dry fruits. Seven types of cereals(wheat, Urad, Moong, gram, barley, rice)

How to Observe Mangala Gauri Fast

Ladies who want to do this fast should, take the resolution of this fast and start in from the first Tuesday of Shravan Mas. On the first Tuesday, they should complete there routine work then place the picture or idol of Mangla-Gauri on a post and wrap it in a red colored cloth. After this, a lamp is made of wheat flour,in which 4 wick are used made of 16 thread(Taar) of clothes.

Procedure of Mangala Gauri Worship

  • Take bath early in the morning and start the Mangala-Gauri fast.
  • Spread a clean piece of white, red cloth on a post(Chokey).
  • On the white cloth, 9 planets are made using rice,and, on red cloth Shodash Goddess are made of wheat.
  • On one the side of Chokey, flower and rice are kept, then the idol of Ganesha is placed.On the other side wheat is kept and urn is placed.Water is kept in urn.
  • The four mouth lamp of flour is made and 16 thread wick of cloth is burnt.First of all Lord Ganesha is worshiped.
  • In the Puja, Water, Roli, Molly, sandalwood, vermilion, betel nuts, Long, Pan, rice,flowers, cardamom, Bel leaf, fruits, nuts and alms are given to God.
  • After that, urn is worshiped as like of Lord Ganesha.Then the 9 planets and 16 Goddesses are worshiped. all the Samagri offered to God is distributed among the Brahmans.
  • The idol of Mangla-Gauri is washed with water,milk and made to wear clothes etc. Then Roli, sandalwood, vermilion(sindur), Menhandi and mascara is applied. Mata is decorated with 16 items of make-up.
  • 16 types of flowera and leaves are offered, then dry fruits, betel nuts, Long, rosemary, mirror, comb and bangles are given.
  • At the end, Mangala-Gauri Vrat story is heard.After the story, married lady gives 16 Ladoo to her mother in law and husband’s sister. Then this Prasadm is given to Brahman also. At the time of last Vrat, on second day that is wednesday, the idol of Mangala- Gauri is immersed(Visarjan) in sea or pond.
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