Shiv Puran (The Worship oF Parthiva Linga))

The Worship oF Parthiva Linga

Suta then explains the greatness of worshipping a Parthiva Linga-: “Parthiva Linga is the most supreme among all the Shivalingas. All the aspirtions of he deities as well as men are fulfilled by the worship of Parthiv linga. During  the era of Satya, jewel was considered to be of prime importance, where as during Treta Yuga and Dwapar  Yuga, gold and mercury had the prime importance respectively. In the present era of Kali, a Parthiva Linga holds this place of honor. The worship of Parthiva Linga begets more virtues than even penance. Just as Ganga among the rivers, Kashi among the sacred places of pilgrimages, Omkar among all the mantras are considered  to be superior,  In the same way  Parthivalinga  is considered  to the supreme among all the Linga. Worshipping, a Parthiva linga with a ‘Nishkam bhava’ helps a man to attain liberation.” Suta elaborately describes about the methods of doing worship of Parthiva Linga:- “After becoming fresh in the morning, a man should wear a rudraksha garland in his neck and apply Bhasma (ash) on his forehead. He should then worship the  Parthiva Linga. He should chant the various names of Shiva, while worshipping the Parthiva Linga, like Har, Maheshwar, Shambhu,  Shoolpani, Mahadeva,  etc.  After  worshipping  the  Parthiva  Linga,  it  should  be immersed  in  the  river,  Then  the  mantra  -  OM  NAMAH  SHIVAY  should  be canted  with complete devotion. This is the method which has been described in the Vedas for the worship of Parthiva Linga.”The numbers of Parthiva Linga differ according to one’s desires. For example a  man who is desirous of learning and knowledge must worship one thousand Parthiva Linga. A man who is desirous of wealth must worship. One thousand  five hundred Parthiva Lingas. A man who is desirous of attaining salvation must worship one crore Parthiva Lingas.

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